Daniel Dulake Top Brand Tools Overview

April 09, 2019

Daniel Dulake Shares Top Brand Perception Tools

Welcome to the Daniel Dulake blog. Here is a summary of the top brand monitoring tools out there. These are mainly for big brands and companies, but I discuss what you can do to also monitor your personal brand. These are just a few of the tools out there.

Mention is the best tool to monitor the social media platforms. It is an online platform which monitor and tells you about the people who are writing about your image, what they are writing and it also provides different suggestions for your company’s brand about the social media channels which is maintaining the top position among different channels. It also tells about the advantage of online discussion. There are many features in this tool like live charts, sentiment analysis, analytics and segmentation.

Brandeye is the best app for getting accurate insights of your website. It provides a brief discussion about brand, campaigns, organization name and representatives. It also provides important notices directly on emails, sending notices by text or Twitter. This online reputation tool has many factors such as dialect, nation and brand performance. It provides different features  like it tells the reputation score of your company’s website and it provides a detailed report of your competitors.

Trackr is the most famous tool used for managing the online reputation of your company. In this tool we can manage different sites like social media channels, web journals, blogs, discussions, news sites and different platforms of media sharing. This online reputation tool comes with decent premium plans which are dependent on the both enterprise and individual accounts. It comes with 10 trials and by this business owners can get idea about how to use this tool and also can decide that which premium plan is better for them. There are many features of Tackur like Insights, full coverage of social media, sentiment and influence analysis.

Google Alerts You can also set Google Alerts to keep you updated about any new mentions of your name online. This is free but may not work well if you have a generic name. However, if you are an individual and want to measure your own personal brand, then Google searching your name is the best way. People look at what is top of page 1. The lower down the page, the less people see it. Around 35% of page clicks go to the first position, 25% to positon 2, 15% to position 3 and the rest between 1%- 5%.

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