Daniel Dulake: Essential Benefits of Responsive Web Design

September 10, 2019

 Daniel Dulake on Responsive Web Design

Welcome to the Daniel Dulake blog. Daniel Dulake is a web developer and an investor in tech startups. In this article, you will learn more about responsive design benefits. Lets get into it.

Ever since Google announced how mobile-friendly, responsive websites would be getting better search engine ranks, responsive web design has gained popularity. With the development of technological devices, there has been a particular need for a web solution that will present flexible and accessible ways of optimizing and improving the functionality of websites.
Daniel Dulake

Responsive design benefits when creating websites

The main, and usually the ruling characteristic of having responsive design lies in the fact that it enables rendering of web pages in a fast and optimized way. Because the crucial point in the web development process is web design, the responsive design has become the leading technology solution in need to create adaptable display content on various devices. Responsive design involves the arrangement of content into graphical models that can be used as a basis for coding a site. Therefore, the HTML and CSS code of a website is adapted to the resolution of devices without the need to define styles and web solutions for each particular device.

When it comes to responsive web design, some technical components make it so popular among designers and developers:

• Fluid grids: enable assigning relative units (like flexible images) to page elements
• Flexible images: image resolution in regards to the viewing area, load time and sizing of images
• Media Queries: make it possible to switch between different CSS, based on the features of a device

Responsive design benefits for your business
  • Improved UX and mobile traffic
  • Flexible e-commerce solutions
  • Lower cost and maintenance
  • Lower Bounce Rates
In conclusion, a responsively designed website will, as mentioned above, provide you with more leads, visitors that will potentially turn into loyal clients as well as exceptional search engine rankings. To take advantage of, make sure to consult a web design company that provides extensive knowledge in this field. Only then will your website gain the most from the responsive design.

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