Daniel Dulake: Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

September 10, 2019

Daniel Dulake on Why Your Website Should Load Quickly

Welcome to the Daniel Dulake blog. There are several important aspects of a good website; usability, look and feel, branding, etc. are all key. However, one aspect that often goes overlooked is website speed. Having a website that loads quickly will pay off in many different ways.
Daniel Dulake

Users Expect Fast Websites. The internet has changed. Over the last decade or so, people have used the web more and more as a part of their daily lives. It’s not unusual for people to perform hundreds of web searches each day. The web is such an important part of our lives that we expect it to be fast and reliable. If a user opens your website and it doesn’t load quickly, they are very likely to think that there is a problem with your website or their browser.

Slow websites also affect your website’s conversion rate. If your site is very slow, a visitor may visit fewer pages. This means that they could browse fewer product categories, for instance. This hurts your sales as they may not find what they want if they aren’t able to quickly view everything you have to offer.

More and More Browsing is Happening on Mobile. Website speed problems are further compounded by the fact that more and more searches are happening on mobile. Google stated that more searches were happening on mobile than on desktop back in 2015, and the trend has continued. Mobile browsing now makes up more than 60% of all web browsing. For many, using the web on a phone or tablet (as opposed to a desktop) may mean slower internet speeds. It can also mean that people are browsing on the go, such as on their lunch breaks at work or while waiting in line at the store

Site Speed and SEO. Due to the overall importance of website speed, Google started taking website speed into account when ranking sites. This change occurred in July 2018 and is part of the growing trend by Google to highlight websites that load quickly. In plain language, it means that slow sites could have trouble ranking highly.

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Daniel Dulake is a web developer from Surrey, England. He is the founder of Web Digital.If you don’t want to risk a poor Google ranking and customers giving up on your site, it’s crucial to work with a web developer who can improve the speed of your website. Contact Daniel Dulake today to find out how he can help. Follow the Daniel Dulake Twitter page here to  learn more tips and guidelines for optimizing your website's speed and performance. You can also read more about Daniel Dulake news here.

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