Daniel Dulake: What Makes Visitors Like Your Website Design?

October 04, 2019

Daniel Dulake on Creating An Engaging Website Design

Welcome to the Daniel Dulake blog. Daniel Dulake is a business-savvy, results-driven, top rated Web Developer. In today's blog post we share ways to improve the user experience of your website.

Why visitors like a website design. 
If you have a website, you’re obviously trying to attract visitors to it. You’re also likely trying to convert those visitors into customers or keep them coming back for more. One important part of achieving these goals is making a website that visitors like.
Daniel Dulake

Is it easy to use?
How well can a visitor navigate your site? Does the menu make sense? Are the colours and fonts easy to read? A website’s user experience (UX) is very important part of website design. If someone ends up on your website and they can’t figure out how to get around it, they won’t stick around. They’ll move on to another site and you’ll likely never see them again. 

Can they find what they’re looking for?
People are busy. They don’t want to spend time struggling with a website. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on your site easily, they’ll give up. Your website design needs to be intuitive to a user. Yes, each site is different, but there are certain expectations that people have from a website and its navigation. If you make it too difficult to find important parts of your site, you’ll lose visitors.
This is why calls to action and directing visitors to your most important content pages are crucial. 

Does it have value?
There’s a reason someone is visiting your website. They want to find out information, they’re looking to purchase a product, they’re hoping to hire a service provider, etc. The value that your website provides should be obvious right away. If they can’t easily tell what you do, why you do it and how it will help them, they’ll click back and continue their search elsewhere.

Does it load quickly?
This is becoming more and more important due to the fact that people are increasingly doing more of their searches on mobile devices. No matter how nice the website design is, no one wants to wait for a website to load. If it takes too long for your site to show up in the browser, people will get impatient and click away. If core aspects of your site, such as doing a search or adding items to cart, load slowly, visitors will grow frustrated with your website and not return. When you’re working with a Toronto web design company, make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

Does it look nice?
Obviously, visual appeal is subjective in website design, but there are certain standards that hold true for nearly everyone. Certain colours look better together or are easier on the eyes. Certain fonts are more readable than others. In addition, it’s crucial that your site looks good on all browsers and all devices. Spending time on a beautiful site that only looks great on a desktop PC using Firefox isn’t helpful for visitors on a mobile device using Chrome. Keep this in mind.

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